Sunday, 29 July 2012

Oh Yeah!

It's an exciting day for me. After all these years of using half a dining table for my painting, I finally have a separate room dedicated to just me, my paints and my camera. It sounds a bit pretentious to call it a studio, but it's as near as I will ever get, so what the heck. The studio is officially open. Oh yeah!

It's been a solid two days of sorting, shifting and re-organising all the junk collected over nearly two decades of geekery. I hate tidying, but the feeling at the end of all that tedious effort is so good. I have re-discovered a few things I had forgotten about, like this picture, on the back of an  old copy of 2000 ad.

Best of all, I have re-organised my glass cabinet and it now looks pretty good, stuffed full of my favourite minis and three of my armies, old and new. I want to get some pictures of it posted in the next few days, before it gets dusty and untidy again.


Mr Saturday said...

A dedicated hobby room is a joy forever. Being able to leave projects on the painting table rather than having to clear them away is fantastic. Looking forward to those pics.

Mr. Lee said...

Congrats on the Man Cave.. the other wording for Studio ;)

Looking forward to seeing photos.. mostly of the elusive collection you hold..

Brovatar said...

Big congrats man, My wife is fighting with my all the time because my stuff is laying around the house. We have a one bedroom apartment ;p

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