Friday, 29 June 2012


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you will no doubt have seen the buzz on the web about various pledge programs. I mentioned a couple that were of interest to me in previous posts (here and here if you were not paying attention). Well, the end of the month has arrived and I have made my choices. It's a shame that these projects all seemed to kick off at once, otherwise I might have been able to offer more support.

My biggest spend was Sedition Wars, biohazard level. This started out a decent deal, even with overseas shipping to contend with. But as the month went by, it just got better and better, with absolutely stacks of add-ons. The fact that Studio McVey were able to step in and handle import concerns was a massive plus point for me, it showed what a decent company ethic they have. And the product looks top notch. Even if the game turns out to be average or poor, the sheer amount and quality of the minis alone is well worth the cost. All this for just $100? SOLD!

My other pledge was for  the Avatars of War dwarf project. When this was announced I was very excited, I love the dwarf range by these guys. I have a handful of their metal models and the plastic dwarf berserkers were probably the highlight of 2011 for me. In fact, I even said in a post back then that if they ever released a dwarf range I would bin my GW models and start again from scratch with AOW models! However, when it came to putting my money where my mouth was, I fell flat on my face. I pledged just $15 for the exclusive army standard bearer (even though I have no idea what it will look like). My wallet is exhausted after all the recent hobby purchases. There's a very good chance that I will end up buying most of the new dwarfs when they are released, after I have saved up some hobby funds. Like I said, it's a shame they both came along at once.

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Strictly Anonymous said...

Oh man, thanks for posting! I was actually drawn here while trying to see if it's plausible to edit AoBR Orks with Shoota bits since I'm not fond of their current load-out. I may have not found that info but I'm sure glad I found this!

The miniatures look fantastic! Thanks for sharing; I'll certainly be picking up a squad of those humies for my Infinity needs. And the Firef- Er, 'Calamity Crew' too for sure (DAT JAYNE HNNNGGG).

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