Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chaos Sorceror

This is the sorceror that will lead the recently painted marauders into battle. It's a Gamesday figure that I managed to pick up on ebay for less than the price of a plastic character. It's intended to be used as a non-aligned sorceror. The pale skin and black armour (hard to see as he has very little armour) blends in with the marauder unit.

In terms of painting technique I spent a bit longer on him than regiment figures. After basecoating I applied a few glazes to the skin, then re-highlighted with the original skin colour. The robes were a little experiment, I shaded and highlighted in the usual way, but then I glazed the bottom half in a reddish-brown colour for a two tone effect.I was just trying to add a little interest to the bottom half of the model.

I decided to paint the eyes as blind, the sorceror uses his magic sight and his third eye to help him around. The facial eyes I should really have painted in a glowing colour, as though they are blazing with magical power. I might come back to that at some stage. The eye in his hand is bleeding, to signify the price he has to pay every time he casts a spell. There is also a little blood and rawness around the extra limbs.

When I have completed the movement tray I will put up a photo of the sorceror and his tribe of marauders. Next in line is another character, a bit bigger and more imposing than this guy.


Ron Saikowski said...

Looks good and I don't think you need to make the blind eyes glow. I like that they aren't actually.

Ron, From the Warp

Feral said...

I love that model, your paintjob does it justice!

The raw flesh in particular is the best bit. :)

PsychosisPC said...

Beauty. Waiting impatiently to see the next guy.

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