Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Odd Couple

I have not spent much time on hobby painting recently, having had a lot of commission work it makes it less enticing to paint my own figures. However, I have managed to squeeze in the figure on the left, a Rackham figure I have painted up as a necromancer. There's lots of nice little details that you can't see from the front view, including  a cat and a crow hanging from his belt, very useful when mixing up potions I would imagine. The glowing green contents of the pot is the result of the mixing and spellcasting, an elixir of unlife. I imagine him stalking the graveyards and crypts, stabbing the corpses he finds, the green fluid coursing through dessicated veins, enslaving the bodies to the necromancer's will. The figure on the right I have talked about in this post.

Another reason I have not painted any more Vampire troops is the rumoured release of the new army book. I have around 30 more zombies to paint, but my uncertainty about how the book will turn out is holding me back. If the book is good, as I hope, or even just average, then I will continue with the building and painting of the army. If the new book turns out to be poor, or does not appeal to me (as the Ogre kingdoms book was), then I will have to make some difficult decisions.

In the meantime, over the holiday period I am hoping to get some quality time with my figures. The lure of Chaos has gripped me again, inspired in no small way by the hours and hours of adventures I have had in the snowy landscapes of Skyrim! I have also been inspired by fellow hobbyists on the Warhammer Forum, in particular this thread about building chaos warbands. I have come up with a slight variation on the warband idea, a table (below) that will hopefully help me to get through some of the unpainted mounds! The dice rolled were 2 followed by 3, so marauders it is. A block of 24 marauders with hand weapon and shield will add a bit of meat to my chaos army, so that's my xmas project.

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