Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Those pesky greenskins!

I should really be working on my chaos army, but those pesky greenskins have put a spanner in the works. With the imminent release of the new Orc and Goblin book, I thought it was a good time to review my greenskin army. What started as a few night goblins in the Battle for Skull Pass box set has grown into my second biggest army. I have about 1800 points fully painted, and much more hidden away in boxes. It was the latter I decided to rummage through.

I knew I had picked up some arrer boyz on ebay in the past, but I had completely forgotten about a large number of orc boyz. They are mostly the two weapon variety, but I already have a unit of those fully painted, so I was hoping I could adapt them to be shield and hand weapon boyz. With a bit of chopping here and there, and with the addition of a couple of boyz sprues, I was able to put together a small unit fairly quickly.

In the picture you can see the ebay boyz, they came already sprayed, but with mould lines still visible (why do people do that?) There are also some of the sprue boyz that I assembled. Best of all, there is one huge orc on the left, he will eventually become my army standard bearer. I also have a large number of arrer boyz, spear boyz and more double choppa boyz, so plenty of raw material to work with. And as if that wasn't enough, I would love some of the new savage orcs too. Pesky green blighters, ruining my painting plans!


redmanphill said...

Stay strong.... your chaos are wodnerful. Oh and you might win a game with them too. With these pesky Orcs you won't!!!

Hobby Horse said...

Don't worry, I am still planning on painting chaos for the next 3 months, but then it will be the turn of the greenskins. I am well on the way with 3 more ogres and am almost done building 7 Nurgle knights. If I can get those finished I will probably bash together a chariot, plus I still have a unit of marauder horse that I should really get to (unpainted for 2 years). So plenty more chaos to come for a little while at least.

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