Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Arcane Ruins

I am slowly building up my terrain collection, with this set of arcane ruins the latest addition. As you can see, I have mounted it on the base piece that comes with the Citadel Wood. One of the trees is currently sat in a swamp, the other two are still be used in other projects I have in mind.

The remainder of the ruins set I will use as an altar with a removable monolith, hopefully this will give me some variety/choice.

The painting is mostly washes and glazes over a light grey colour, with little bits of drybrushing here and there. The ground is covered with woodland scenics flock and foliage. This was done to tie it into the bases of my daemon army, after all it's quite likely that they would be attracted to magic infused places like this one.


redmanphill said...

Firstly that photograph is really well taken... I wish I could manage photos like that!

Secondly, wow you have sold me! I will have to go and pick up one of these sets. You really made it look impressive.

Nord said...

Thanks! This is just half the set, you get another pair of columns and a top stone (to make a third arch), a monolith, a few ruined columns and a base piece. It makes two or three bits of terrain, much better value than the woods.

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