Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Space Wolves on my mind

I'm feeling a bit confused about what to paint for myself next! Having painted elves for the past few months, plus a few goblins, I realised I was meandering through my fantasy armies. I think this is because I don't want to commit too much time to armies that I might have to alter when the new edition arrives. I don't really think this is the case, I suspect most of my armies will just carry on in the next version much as they do in the current one. But it seems to be a psychological block to starting something new. Which is why (as discussed in my previous post) I was intending to finish off a few units that I have already partially painted, or just assembled and never even primed. No new builds was my mantra, certainly no new purchases.

But then I started work on a commission, painting some Space Wolves. The new plastic kits are really nice work. I can see there's a lot of potential for some characterful marine builds. I have never really been a big fan of marines, not the models, not the background, they just seem a bit dull to me. The Space Wolves are the one exception, because their heads are visible it's far easier to get some expression, some feeling out of each model. There's just one problem for me - duck egg blue! Is there anything less vikingesque than pale blue armour? It's just so pastel, so 1980's, so girly. Hence the attempt above (using the rather spiffy Bolter and Chainsword Space Marine Painter). It looks very plain, but of course there would be wolf skins, skulls, runes, etc. added to the model. Perhaps I should dig out a marine from my old Macragge set, just to satisfy my curiosity.


Crazy Red Praetorian said...

The goose egg blue never appealed to me, either. My first SW army was Shadow Grey and I am currently doing a Preheresy force in Codex Grey. I think you should go with what you like.

Papa JJ said...

Ha! That's a funny take on the Space Wolves coloring, probably the first time I've ever heard them described as looking girlie! I really like the alternate color scheme you came up with, it looks mean. Good luck painting up your test model!

Duarte said...

It seems I keep getting back to your blog whenever I'm thinking about painting something :)

This time, in order to change pace from Dwarfs I started to look at some of the Space Marines and, besides the Black Templar/ Dark Angels heroes, the Space Wolves were the one that caught my attention.

Yet the blue colour scheme didn't win my attention, and I started to look for other options. I then found an art of the Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought and it was of a greyish white and red scheme. Loved it and then began to look for good boxes and ended up on your website.

Sorry for the one year late comment.

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