Sunday, 7 March 2010

Springing Forwards Again

Another unit of glade guard added to the wood elf army. And I think I can use the term army now, it's starting to shape up quite nicely. At the moment, it comprises 2 units each of glade guard and wardancers, a unit apiece of dryads and waywatchers/scouts and a single character in the spellsinger. That's about 750 points I reckon.

Next to be painted will be 2  more units of dryads and a treeman. That will bump up the value considerably. After that, I have to decide if I want to add glade riders or convert them to wildriders. Add in another couple of characters and maybe one more unit of glade guard and the army will be complete.


John said...

Beautiful looking army you have there - nice subtle tones and colours.

zealot said...

I'd suggest glade riders. I think they're amazing and WE close combat isn't as fun as running circles around your enemy, pin-cushion style.

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