Saturday, 10 October 2009

Elves phase 1

Here's the first instalment of my latest army, the Elves of Highwood. The idea is to paint elves that can be used as either High Elves or Wood Elves. The background for the High Elf army is that it is based in or around Avelorn, where the elves are similar in appearance to their sylvan cousins. When I play them as High Elves, these are 10 archers, 5 shadow warriors and a mage. When I eventually have enough models to make a Wood Elf army, they will be 10 glade guard and 5 scouts (the mage is a High Elf only model, I have a purely wood elf model as her counterpart still to be painted).

The next phase will be High Elf only models as I am currently playing them in a Mighty Empires campaign. I am using some of my older models, supplemented by these new Avelorn troops, alongside some Chrace special troops. I am hoping to get one or two units like these painted up each month.

1 comment:

noeste said...

I think they're looking great! I'll follow this project with keen interest, best of luck with it!

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