Sunday, 15 February 2009

Out of the blocks

Another army started! But this one is a departure for me, as it will be speed painted, with mass effect on the tabletop more important than the paint work on individual models.

This first detachment is a case in point. It's sprayed black, a base colour applied and then washed with devlan mud. No additional highlighting required.

If I can stick to my plan, I should be able to add a small detachment or a half a unit of state troops every fortnight or so. Of course, I will no doubt break off at times to work on other armies, but if I dedicated all my hobby time to this one army I could have the whole army painted in about a year. That's about four or five times quicker than my other armies.


Talks-with-thickos said...

That's interesting; looks a lot more natural than most other bascoat-washed armies.

Is it down to the colours you're using for the base coat? You use coat d'arms, right?


Nord said...

I use mostly coat d'arms as it covers well, usually in one coat. I am also using Foundation for some of the lighter areas - dheneb stone for the cream/whites, tallarn flesh for the, erm, flesh.

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