Tuesday, 24 June 2008

And the winner is......

Tyranids! It was no contest really. I looked at the battleforce for both Necrons and Tyranids and found that the latter contained far more variety, but best of all, the impressive carnifex model. I cannot wait to get my brushes on that.

Speaking of painting, I have started to research possible colour schemes. My first instinct is to go with the Alien vibe and attempt a grey/silver/chrome look. This would be fairly easy to do, though it could look a little dull on the battlefield - they might end up looking like unpainted grey plastic! So to inject a little colour there would be some glazing of the skin (probably a chestnut/red/pink) and the carapace (green/purple/brown). Another nice touch would be to colour code any bio upgrades, such as a sickly green for venom bits. Having not read the codex yet this is just a vague idea.

I am also starting to mull over ideas for themed terrain. Egg pods are an obvious idea which should be easy enough. More ambitious would be terrain that has been appropriated by the tyranids - the crashed ship from the Macragge set might be a suitable starting point for this, but I have no idea how to make it look as though it has been "infested" by the Tyranids.

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