Thursday, 2 March 2017

Atlantis Miniatures free shipping

It's a great time to be a hobbyist, there's so much choice out there. Maybe too much at times, sometimes it feels like being overwhelmed by all the goodies on offer. One company that I noticed last year was Atlantis Miniatures, who ran a kickstarter for orcs, goblins and trolls. There are tons of lead and plastic devoted to this species of fantasy creature, but the Atlantis Miniatures certainly took my eye for being that little bit different (and not just because they are resin). I admit I was tempted, but in the end decided not to add to my already massive pile of unpainted figures - orcs and goblins are not top of my wants list in truth. However, when it comes to dwarfs, that's a different matter. When this image popped up on facebook I was definitely intrigued.

If you visit the Atlantis Miniatures facebook page, you will find a free shipping code for a week. I have taken advantage of this to order a single goblin figure. I want to check the quality of the resin casting. Digital renders are easy to achieve, it's the resin casting that matters in the end. This is a relatively cheap way of picking up a sample figure to check. When it arrives I will give a full review. I hope the resin model lives up to the render images, because the upcoming dwarf kickstarter certainly has my attention.

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