Sunday, 19 March 2017

Atlantis Miniatures First Impressions

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had ordered a figure from Atlantis Miniatures, to check on the quality of the casting before committing to their dwarf kickstarter. It did take nearly two weeks to arrive, but finally I can give my first impressions of the figure. The picture (left) is the image of the product render, taken from the website store page. Each of the images I have taken I have reproduced quite large, hopefully you can see as much detail as possible.

The figure arrived in a polythene sealed bag within a blister pack and well protected in a cardboard box. I would be amazed if any damage could be sustained in transit.

Once opened the contents can be examined in more detail. The figure is attached to a sprue. There's a fair bit of flash to be cleaned off. There are also some mould lines to scrape away. This is a reasonably straight forward job, though the resin is quite soft, which always makes prep more difficult. Still, it doesn't take long with a sharp blade and/or needle file before the figure is cleaned and ready for the simple assembly of sticking on the arm. As it's resin, a superglue is required for this stage, again a simple enough task.

Assembled, the figure looks like this. Comparing with the digital render photo, it's clear that the printing and moulding has captured the detail very well. There's good detail in the face and hair, there's even a little bit of texture in the cloth areas. As the resin is soft it does mean that some edges would not be quite as sharp as, say, a metal cast - hard edges such as axes and hammers. On the plus side, there were no defects or air bubbles anywhere. In this photo the figure is stood on the supplied plastic base, which is quite large at around 30mm diameter.

Speaking of size, this figure is advertised as 28mm scale, but it seems much bigger to me. This comparison shot shows the figure alongside a selection of other figures which I had to hand. From left to right there's a Blood Rage pvc figure, the Atlantis Miniatures goblin, a metal GW dwarf, a resin Mierce Miniatures figure, and a resin Twisted steampunk figure. Note that the goblin is stood on a 2p piece for a direct comparison with the dwarf. Maybe he's a tall goblin, but that looks far bigger than 28mm to me. One thing missing from the Atlantis kickstarter page is a comparison shot with other dwarfs.

In summary then, the Atlantis figure is a soft resin, with good amounts of detail and texture captuted. The scale is advertised 28mm but I would hazard a guess as more like 30mm or even 32mm. It's reasonably easy to prep and assemble. I have made a start on painting, hopefully I will have that finished within a couple of days, well before the kickstarter is finished.


Michał Kucharski said...

Great one!

John Lambshead said...

I have some of their Goblins.. they are a little large but superb figures.

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